Rajeshwar Senior Sec. School MHOW, formerly called the Sacred Heart School, was founded by the Capuchin Fathers of the Catholic Mission of Ajmer, early in 1892, originally for Catholic boys, principally of MHOW. For forty years the school was efficiently run by those missionaries with definite objectives, but they had no intention of expanding the School, for getting it recognized and aided by the Government.

In the year 1933 the School was taken over by the Divine Word Missionaries, who, in that year, organized a new Catholic Mission with headquarters at Indore. Middle and Higher sections were added to the school in 1935 and admission was thrown open to students of all castes and creeds.
Another school named the St. Joseph’s Institute was started by the S.V.D. Fathers in the same year in a separate building adjacent to the school. This school had primary and the Middle sections with an emphasis on vocational training. The medium of instructions in both the schools was mainly English.

The two schools were amalgamated in 1947 under the name of Sacred heart School. The Primary and Middle sections of the School were first recognized by the Superintendent of Education, Delhi. Ajmer– Marwara and Central India in 1947.

Formerly the School prepared students for the Senior Cambridge Examination. The first batch of students for the High School examination of the Ajmer Board was sent in 1948. After the reorganization of the states the school was affiliated to the Madhyabharat Board, Gwalior and later on it was affiliated to Board of secondary Education M.P. Bhopal till 2007-08. The School was aided and recognized by the M.P. Government. The major shift took place when the school was affiliated to CBSE in 2007 – 08.

The New building of the school was constructed during the year 1953-54. The name of the school Rajeshwar Vidyalaya, was adopted in 1953. The passage of 130 years has not wavered the lofty ideals introduced by the founding forerunners. What has been written is not what  happened but was made to happen. The school has opened its portals to all sections of the society, creating and maintaining a healthy and congenial environment beneficial to effective learning and integrated development.